Peer Returns – Cutout from Christian Neie on Vimeo.

PEER RETURNS is the modern-day sequel to Ibsen’s classic tale of Peer Gynt. In Episode One “A Storm To Come” we see how Peer as a young man breaks with society, which has expelled him and his mother after his father’s death and financial ruin. He builds his own reckless phantasy-world populated by his own creatures. Abandoning the real world and leaving his mother as well as his childhood girlfriend Solvejg behind he joins his demons to live only according to his own rules.
PEER RETURNS is built around a unique musical concept of a metal-a-cappella score solely supported by drums and percussion (even the guitars are sung!). Together with transmedia and interactive elements the larger project aims to find a contemporary form of music-driven storytelling. The submitted material is the animated first episode of the video series.

Music: Stefan Sebastian Schmidt, Bastian Emig
Producer: Gregor Hopf
Animation: Christian Neie, Lisa Scheumer
Art Direction + Illustration: Gabriel deVue

Peer Returns – Cut Out

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